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Target Women: Cleaning - Feministing
I've always been so pissed that cleaning commercials seem to blithely suggest that it is always the WOMAN who's responsible for picking up after the kids, the teenagers, and the husbands, even though all three of those are completely ...

Cleaning Products Linked to Breast Cancer?
Frequent use of household cleaning products may boost breast cancer risk, according to a new study that drew criticism from medical experts and the cleaning industry.

Cleaning the Closets of Medicine | Psychology Today
Ordinarily I clean my bedroom closet in the fall and the spring, when the weather is mild, but I just cleaned it on what felt like the hottest day of the year. Our pet rat Truffle has developed a thing for me (even scattering flower ...

Industry Attacks Study Linking Breast Cancer and Cleaning Products ...
Study Attempts to Links Household Cleaning Products to Breast Cancer risk, but the evidence is far from conclusive.


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