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Legal Disclaimer

Information on is provided "as is" and without liability for any damages (whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise) arising from the use, attempted use or application of any of the information or recipes described in this website.

MSDS Safety

MSDS, or material data safety sheets, are little more than forms that contain important data regarding the properties of specific substances. These documents are primarily intended to provide service people and emergency personnel with precautions and procedures for handling and/or working with the product in question.

Typically, MSDS safety sheets will include information like the toxicity and potential health risks associated with the product in question. In regards to household cleaners and chemicals, these sheets will provide you with a little insight into the possible hazards of using certain products.

Using homemade cleaners, generally allows you to avoid these harsh chemicals. Many of the recipes on this website are all natural and safe around your family.

If you would like to be aware of the hazards brought into your home with commercially produced cleaning products, we highly recommend browsing through the MSDS sheets below.

  1. Ajax Scouring Cleanser

  2. Aqua Mix Tile and Grout Cleaner

  3. Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner

  4. Clorox 2 Color Safe Bleach

  5. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - Fresh Scent

  6. Clorox Ultra Regular Bleach

  7. Drano

  8. Drano Max Liquid

  9. Rating: +1

    Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

  10. Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner

  11. Formula 409 Spray All Purpose Cleaner

  12. Kaboom All Purpose Stain Remover

  13. Rating: +1

    Lime A Way Bowl Cleaner

  14. Liquid Plumr Drain Cleaner

  15. Minwax Wood Cleaner Spray

  16. Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner

  17. Mr Clean Magic Eraser

  18. Old English Oil Wood Treatment

  19. Orange Glo Wood Cleaner

  20. Oust Air Sanitizer Citrus Scent

  21. Pine Sol Brand Cleaner

  22. Rain-X Window Cleaner

  23. Resolve Foam Carpet Cleaner

  24. Simple Green Concentrated Cleaner

  25. Soft Scrub Fresh Scent

  26. Spic and Span Floor Cleaner with Bleach

  27. Tile and Grout Magic

  28. Windex

  29. Windex Aerosol

  30. Windex Outdoor

  31. Woolite Heavy Traffic Foam Carpet Cleaner

  32. Zep Oven and Grill Cleaner

Couldn’t find the product MSDS that you were looking for? We recommend visiting the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services website for a more thorough catalog.