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Homemade Household Cleaners
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Homemade Cleaners
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Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are the cleansers that your Grandmother grew up with, in a time when commercial cleaning products we’re not available.  Now they are back, to help us clean up our house, and our planet.

Filtered or Distilled Water – the minerals in tap water can build up over time depositing lime and calcium to surfaces, so I recommend using filtered or distilled water in all you cleaning solutions!

Baking Soda – Non abrasive Cleanser, Odor Remover, Laundry Booster, Drain Cleaner, and Water softener.

Borax – Laundry Booster, Grease Remover, Hand Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner, Disinfectant, Cleans painted or papered walls.

Castile Soap – Cleans without leaving a soapy buildup.  Use anywhere you would use soap.  Makes great shampoo’s and body washes. Gentle enough for baby.  Can be used to clean baby’s cloths too.

Club Soda – Spot remover, especially for red wine.  The carbonized liquid simply lifts stains out.

Corn Starch – Removes oily or greasy spots from clothing or carpets. Cleans windows. Polishes furniture. Spray Starch, Gentle Cleanser, Deodorizer.

Distilled White Vinegar – All purpose cleaner, for kitchen, bath, windows, carpeting and hardwood floors.  Add to laundry to sweeten musty clothing. Clean drains and leave them smelling fresh. Grease remover. Deodorizer. Note* apple cider vinegar works equally as well, but can stain.

Hair Spray – Removes Ink stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Disinfectant. Mold and mildew cleaner. Bathroom and Kitchen cleaner.

Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol – Disinfectant. Cleans windows, mirrors, TV or monitor screens and eyeglasses to a streak-free shine.

Kosher Salt – The abrasive action of kosher salt, is excellent for scrubbing tough stuck on grime. Add to baking soda to make a great scouring powder. Mix into a paste with lemon juice, put on stained white clothing and allow to dry in the direct sun, clothes come out sparkling white and stain free.

Lemons or Lemon Juice – Stain Remover, including sweat. Glass Cleaner. Polish brass and copper. Make drains sweet smelling. The oil from the rind is an effective furniture polish/oil. Great all purpose cleaner for kitchen and bath. And will lighten hair naturally with a little sunshine.

Washing Soda – All purpose general cleaner, Grease Cutter, removes stains, works in bath and kitchen. Great for removing bath tub ring. Removes odors.

Many homemade cleaners are made with the very products listed above. Be sure to browse our website for many great cleaning recipes.